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Step in to learn the secrets of the ancient martial art of "Finger-Fu". Are you brave enough to evade shuriken, kunai and other devious instruments with your finger? Can you master the powers of teleportation and slowing time? Can you become the ultimate FINGER-FU master?


  • Your finger is the player! Evade traditional martial arts weapons
  • Swipe through spear shafts to destroy them and earn massive points
  • Collect 2 different powerups:
  • SlowMo: Slow time and all incoming weapons
  • Teleport: Get out of a pinch by teleporting to a safer place
  • Charming retro pixel graphics
  • Fitting 8-bit style sounds and music
  • Compare your highscore with players all around the world by using google play games
  • 20 handcrafted achievements

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